3 Of The Most Common Hidden Costs When Moving


When it comes to moving home, the stress and distractions caused by the process can cause many people to misjudge the cost of their move. Planning a home move by yourself is a tricky task as there are many hidden costs that you may not have accounted for. To keep you right, here's three of the most common hidden costs: Cleaning Your Property For many people, cleaning the house before they leave is the biggest headache involved with a move.

6 April 2015

Five Decisions You Should Make Before Hiring A Moving Company


Hiring a moving company instead of trying to pack and move everything yourself definitely makes the process easier. You can relax and worry about the more exciting aspects of moving -- such as decorating your new space -- and leave the tough stuff to the pros. Before you call a moving company, however, you should make a few decisions about the move. Making these decisions now, rather than waiting until the last minute, will make the process of moving and coordinating with a moving company a lot simpler.

3 April 2015

Shopping For Storage? 3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Unit


When you start shopping for a storage unit, those spaces might all seem the same. After all, with over 3,000 storage facilities in Canada alone, how could you possibly choose? Although it might seem overwhelming, selecting the right space is easy if you know what to look for. Here are three tips for finding the perfect unit, so that you can have a great experience: 1: Analyze Important Proximities

2 April 2015

Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized


Renting a storage unit might be necessary if you find yourself wanting to keep more things than you can comfortably store in your home. Too often, storage units are hastily filled with excess items as the last part of a move when everyone is tired and ready to be done with the entire process, leaving the space disorganized and cluttered. Keep cool and get organized before you fill up your unit, and you will find yourself much happier when you need to access your storage unit.

1 April 2015

4 Tips For Efficiently Packing A Storage Unit


Renting a self-storage unit, like with Yellowhead Self Storage, is one of the best ways to clear up some space in your attic or keep your belongings safe while you are moving. However, if you are not thoughtful about the way that you store your belongings, unpacking them from storage can be much more difficult than it has to be. Here are four tips to help you pack your belongings efficiently when you are using self-storage.

30 March 2015

Moving Your Business Equipment? 2 Tips For A Successful Journey


If you are concerned about your business overhead costs, you might be planning an upcoming move to a less-expensive warehouse. However, having proprietary equipment moved can be more difficult than most people expect. Here are two moving tips that might help you to keep your equipment safe and functional, even after enduring the jostles of a long journey: 1: Drain All Liquids Are you going to be working with a professional hauling company to help you to move your equipment?

17 March 2015