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Five Decisions You Should Make Before Hiring A Moving Company


Hiring a moving company instead of trying to pack and move everything yourself definitely makes the process easier. You can relax and worry about the more exciting aspects of moving -- such as decorating your new space -- and leave the tough stuff to the pros. Before you call a moving company, however, you should make a few decisions about the move. Making these decisions now, rather than waiting until the last minute, will make the process of moving and coordinating with a moving company a lot simpler.

What are you going to keep, and what are you going to get rid of?

Most moving companies calculate their fees based not only on miles traveled, but also on the weight of the items they have to move. The more you move to your new place, the higher your charges will be. Make a list of the things you're willing to part with, and get rid of them before the move to save yourself some money. Include smaller items, like clothing and kitchen supplies, as well as furniture. Many people make the mistake of thinking "It's small, I'll just keep it" and end up keeping many more items than they really need. Those small items add up quickly in terms of weight and moving cost.

How much can you afford to spend on the move?

Set a budget now, so you don't end up with a moving bill you cannot afford. This will help you narrow down your choices of moving companies more effectively, too. Once you know your budget, you can call around and get estimates from several moving companies, eliminating those who are out of your price range.

What items do you want to move personally, rather than leave with the moving company?

If you hire a reliable moving company with insurance and good reviews, you can be pretty confident that your items will arrive at your destination safely. However, accidents do happen, and there are probably a few things you'd rather not take chances with. Perhaps your grandma's china set and your favorite pearl necklace are better off being moved in your personal car. Make a list of these items now, so they don't accidentally end up in the moving truck.

How important are "green" moving tactics to you?

These days, more moving companies are are placing an emphasis on sustainability. They've begun packing items in biodegradable wraps rather than in plastic. They might use energy-efficient hauling vehicles. Decide whether eco-friendly moving practices are important to you, so you know whether to focus your search on companies that use them. If you're only moving across town, it might not matter to you whether the company you hire uses gas-efficient trucks. However, if you're moving three states away, you might have a different opinion.

Do you want the movers to unpack your items, or just drop off the boxes?

Some moving companies simply drop of the boxes and leave you to unpack. Others offer what they call "white glove service," in which everything is unpacked for you, so you can inspect it before you pay your bill. Still other companies offer varying levels of unpacking service to meet your specific needs. Decide beforehand what you want your moving company to do in regards to unpacking, so you can let your preferences be known when you ask for estimates. Making this decision early also lets you focus your search on companies that offer the type of unpacking you prefer, which is helpful when there are a lot of moving companies to choose from.

Even when someone else packs, moves and unpacks your things, moving is a big task. By making the decisions above as early as possible, you can keep it a lot simpler.



3 April 2015