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Hi there, I'm Corey Suedel. I created this site to explore moving tips and tricks for your home. The moving process takes a lot of time and effort to complete without any problems cropping up. When moving your belongings, it pays to take the time to create an inventory list and purposefully arrange the items in each box. The time you put into the preparation process definitely pays off while unloading and unpacking. The inventory list also helps track down items that may have been left on or off the moving truck. I will also explore situations that warrant hiring professional movers for your relocation project. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to see you again soon.

Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized


Renting a storage unit might be necessary if you find yourself wanting to keep more things than you can comfortably store in your home. Too often, storage units are hastily filled with excess items as the last part of a move when everyone is tired and ready to be done with the entire process, leaving the space disorganized and cluttered. Keep cool and get organized before you fill up your unit, and you will find yourself much happier when you need to access your storage unit.

Label Everything

Every box or storage bin or should be labeled on more than one side, so you do not have to move it in order to see what's inside. Take the extra time to apply informative labels on multiple sides and you will thank yourself later. Label the entire contents of the box instead of simply writing "Family Photos Box #2." When you need to find a particular item, you will be able to track down easily and quickly, without any digging whatsoever.

List What You Store

Keep yourself a master list of everything that you put into your storage unit. If you remove something, make a note so you don't make any unnecessary trips digging around for something that isn't there. Consider creating a photo inventory back at home that you can refer to at will. When you have an up-to-date inventory of what is in your storage unit, there won't be any guesswork involved. You will know not only what's there, but where to look!

Put Things You Will Need Close To The Door

With a little planning, you can organize the items in your storage unit so that whatever you anticipate needing the soonest will be right there by the door, not in the back under 2 mattresses and a bookcase. Try to put items that you do not anticipate removing often in the back, and go from there up through things you anticipate getting to sooner. You don't always know how you'll be accessing your storage unit, but trying to keep this general order will help.

Create a Walkway When Storing

A common feature of many storage units is a gigantic block of boxes and furniture. It can be a little like Tetris fitting everything inside. Make sure you get yourself a unit that is the proper size, including space for a walkway you will need in order to use the storage space in the first place. If you can't move around, you will likely grow to consider everything in the unit a lost cause, not worth the time it takes to deal with. But, if you allow yourself some room in there, getting in and out can be a breeze.

Leave Space Between Your Items and the Walls

Many people naturally assume it's best to pack everything up against the walls in order to maximize space. This is, however, not often the case. Leave some room between whatever you have in your unit and the walls of the container. Doing this in your unit will allow air to circulate, which is a crucial process in the battle against warping, humidity and the accumulation of mold. The last thing you want when it comes time to take something out is to find that the box is falling apart and wet on one side, or that your table has warped after being up against the wall for an extended period of time.

Your unit doesn't have to be a place you dread visiting that once or twice a year in order to dig randomly through a stack of boxes. Storage units can be neatly organized with a little planning, offering easy access to whatever you may need.


1 April 2015